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Section 01 81 13 Added new subsection .04 in its entirety. Remainder of section unchanged. Apr 30, 2015
Section 23 21 23 Replace current section in its entirety to include new requirements of general design and installation. Jun 29, 2009
Section 25 90 00 Add a new document describing the sequences of operation necessary to accomplish the HVAC functions of the Enterprise Utility Management System (EUMS). Jul 07, 2009
Section 25 90 00 Updated temperature control sequence description and explanatory text Jul 07, 2009
Section 23 70 00 Update air handler requirements regarding efficiency, system reliability, redundancy, identification, fan arrangement considerations, proper mixing, bearings, dampers, and referencing the sequence of operations. Aug 13, 2009
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Planning, Design & Construction

This section of the website is intended to inform Penn State students, faculty, and staff on current and recently completed construction activities on campus. In addition, other information is provided for potential bidders, resources on Penn State design standards, and future project planning efforts at University Park.