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Division 03

03 00 00 CONCRETE

03 00 01  Owner General Requirements and Design Intent

.01  General
  1. Air-entraining is to be specified for all concrete exposed to weather.
  2. The use of admixtures will be permitted only for air-entraining agent in specified type concrete.  In this event, the concrete mix shall be adjusted to compensate for the admixture in a manner approved by the Professional.
  3. Antifreeze and other admixtures will not normally be permitted.
  4. On all exposed concrete floors, a hardener and dustproofing agent shall be used.
  5. All suspended concrete floors, including those in penthouse mechanical rooms, shall be watertight.
  6. All aggregate fill beneath any structural concrete component of the project, including slab-on-grade, must meet the "Structural Backfill and Compaction" specification in Division 31.
.02  Field Testing of Concrete
  1. During the progress of construction, tests will be required to determine whether the concrete being produced complies with the standard of quality and strength as specified.
  2. The Contractor shall retain and pay for the services of a qualified laboratory to perform all testing.
  3. Compressive Strength Tests:  Four cylinder will be made for each class of concrete used in any one days' operation or for each 100 cubic yards or portion thereof of concrete placed. 
  4. The standard age of the tests shall be 7 and 28 days and tabulated results shall be furnished to the Architect and the University.
  5. Air-Entrainment Tests:  Tests of air-entrained concrete shall be made to determine the percentage of air entrained in the concrete.  These tests shall be made to determine the percentage of air entrained in the concrete.  These tests shall be performed in accordance with PennDOT 408, Section 704.1(c)1, by a qualified testing laboratory retained by the Contractor.  Test results shall be furnished to the Professional and the University.