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Division 04

04 00 00 MASONRY

04 00 01 Owner General Requirements and Design Intent

.01 General
  1. A sample brick panel of 100 face brick selected for the project shall be laid up with specified jointing for approval by theProfessional and the University prior to starting exterior face brick installation.
    Should the initial sample panel be unsatisfactory, the Contractor will be required to erect additional samples until the brick work and jointing are approved by both the Professional and the University.
  2. Admixtures:  Setting accelerators or antifreeze compounds will not be permitted.
  3. Unless adequate protection against freezing is provided, no masonry work is to be done when the temperature is below 36°F or predicted to be below 36°F overnight.
  4. Water Repellent Treatment:  All exterior masonry work shall receive a water repellent treatment after cleaning with a non-staining, water repellent, gum resin solution.
    Silicone coatings are not acceptable.
  5. Coping Stones:
    1. All coping stone joints shall be raked to a depth of 1/2" and caulked.
    2. Thru-wall flashing shall be installed beneath all coping stone installations.
  6. Efflorescence:  Particular care must be taken in the selection of materials and in design and detailing of exterior walls to prevent efflorescence in brickwork.  Certification shall be provided that brick and any masonry trim material has passed the "wick" test (ASTM C67).