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Division 10


10 00 01 Owner General Requirements and Design Intent

.01 Electric Water Coolers
  1. Consideration shall be given to functional areas when placing electric water coolers.  A water cooler shall be located near or in each major functional area of a building.


  1. Chalkboards, Corkboards: Refer to Division 13 20 10 – Classroom Design.


  1. Directories should be constructed of extruded aluminum, anodized in selected finish.
  2. Include changeable letter strips slotted to receive letters.  Letter strips should be approximately seven inches by one-half inch of plastic or felt-covered in selected colors.  Letters and numerals shall be plastic one-quarter inch Gothic.  Type of selected color shall be provided in adequate quantity to suit board size.
  3. Directories shall be surface mounted, non-illuminated, DavSon Strip Directories Style SE as manufactured by A.C. Davenport & Son Company, or an equal product.
  4. Doors or panels shall be glazed with DSB sheet glass and have suitable hardware with a tamperproof locking device.

10 14 00 SIGNAGE

Document Version Date Description
 Room Numbering Standards

 February 2007

This links to the "Penn State Signage Standards Manual" site listed below. The room numbering standards has been included with the interior and exterior signage standards. The Design Professional must use this system to number spaces in new buildings, and if required to renumber spaces immediately affected by building renovation work.
Penn State Signage Standards Manual

 September 2015

This links to a site that is a reference for professionals to use during the design process. It describes the signage policies for all signs and the specifications for interior and exterior signage. The Design Professional should refer to this document during the project design phase and shall comply with its standards.

  1. See Penn State Signage Manual (in table above) for details.


.01 Toilet Room Partitions
  1. Toilet partitions may be of metal or laminated plastic.
  2. All toilet partitions, compartments, screens, etc. shall be ceiling or wall hung.
  3. Exposed assembly and hardware screws should be one-way security type.
  4. Provide clothing hook on inside face of doors.

10 28 13 Toilet Accessories

.01 Toilet Room Accessories
  1. Provide a wall-mounted shelf rack 24" long similar to Vogel Peterson.  Custom unit; hook style (Series 300).
  2. Mirror and shelf assembly shall be similar to Bobrick B-292 Series stainless steel mirror/shelf combination units.
  3. Soap dispensers shall be Kimberly Clark "Twinpack".  One dispenser shall be installed for each pair of lavatories.  Install on center line between lavatories.
  4. Toilet tissue dispensers shall be Kimberly Clark "JRT" Junior Twin Jumbo Roll Type.
  5. Sanitary napkin dispensers to be one-product vending, viz:  napkin, (Stayfree No. 4 folded) as manufactured by Rochester-Midland Corp., P. O. Box 1515, Rochester, NY 14603, Model 4J, coined for 25 cents.  In buildings of intense female physical activity, dispensers are to be two-product vending, viz:  napkin and tampons, Model J2, coined for 25 cents, by Rochester-Midland Corp.
  6. Sanitary napkin disposal units shall be Bennett Model 20L as manufactured by Bennett Manufacturing Co., Inc. 13315 Railroad Street, Alden, NY 14004.
  7. Paper towel dispensers shall be Kimberly Clark "Lev-R-Matic".


.01 Fire-Fighting Equipment
  1. Fire Extinguishers:  Provide fire extinguishers to meet NFPA 10, BOCA, and Pa. L&I Standards.  Provide one extinguisher for every 2,500 square feet of floor space plus additional strategically located extinguishers placed where the risk of fire is greater.  The extinguisher shall be the dry power type, ten pound, rated 4A.60B.C.
  2. Fire extinguisher cabinets shall be canopy recessed type as manufactured by Standard Fire Hose Company or approved equal, constructed with 18 gauge steel with enameled steel or stainless steel trim and clear Plexiglas bubble door with enameled steel or stainless steel frame.  Doors shall have continuous hinge.
  3. Mounting of all extinguishers and cabinets shall comply with all applicable standards (NFPA, BOCA, Pa. L&I, ADA, etc.).
    1. Bottoms of all cabinets shall permit sliding the extinguisher without restrictions from the cabinet.
  4. Review of fire extinguisher locations and sprinkler systems requirements will be made by the University Department of Environmental Health and Safety and the University's insurance underwriter during the design of the project.
  5. Automatic suppression systems:  Refer to Division 21 – Fire Suppression.
  6. See also Division 28 31 00 – Fire Detection and Alarm


.01 Coat and Hat Racks
  1. Provide coat and hat racks in laboratories and offices.  Racks shall be of metal, preferably anodized aluminum, and shall be securely bracketed to the wall and shall consist of a slat-type hat shelf and two rows of coat hooks below, one forward of the second row.  Racks shall be designed and installed so that they are not hazardous to people walking nearby.
  2. See Division 13 20 10 - Classroom Design for further references to the General Purpose Classroom document that includes information on coat and hat racks.