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Latest Revisions
Section 26 00 00 Electrical An update to the University’s lighting standards throughout division 26; to accomplish needed change and revision. Section 26 09 23 Lighting Control Devices and Systems, 26 51 00 Interior Lighting, 26 52 00 Emergency Lighting Jun 06, 2017
Section 01 35 20 Safety Requirements To add sub section .03 Prevention through Design Standards May 22, 2017
Section 23 21 13 Hydronic Piping Guidespec Complete replacement of existing word document specification in table Mar 22, 2017
Section 33 40 00 Stormwater Drainage Stormwater section major delete and replace Mar 16, 2017
Section 23 25 00 HVAC Water Treatment-commonwealth -PDF Water treatment Commonwealth Mar 13, 2017
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Revision Log and Archive

The Office of Physical Plant updates the Design and Construction Standards as needed to keep pace with changing technology and changes in University requirements. 

Comments and proposed corrections or revisions are welcome from all users of the Standards and should be directed in writing via email to opp_es@ums.psu.edu.

All proposed changes to the Standards are reviewed by the Standards Coordinator and a Standards Team composed of technical experts representing a cross section of OPP.

Upon review and approval by the Standards Coordinator and Standards Team, a proposed revision will be implemented.

Significant changes to the Standards that have been implemented are recorded in the Revision Log.  Note that the University does not record corrections of typographical errors, non-technical grammatical corrections, changes to Division 00, or changes to the Introduction to the Design Standards in the Revision Log.

The most recent revisions are highlighted on the right side of this page.  To see a complete list of all revisions since the last archive, follow the link below to the Revision Log.  At the Revision Log page, users can view the full text of each revision and can subscribe to an RSS feed to be notified of new changes in their news feed viewer.

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Revision Log

Older versions of the Design and Construction Standards are stored in the Archives folder.  To view these archived versions, follow the link below.