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Section 25 00 00

Replaced link to revised document "Building Automation Systems (BAS)"

Original Revision Request

Section was updated primarily for the following reasons:

  1. Corrected typos and minor edits.
  2. Added Index Title and Repaired Index.
  3. Clarified role of CSC for third party interfaces.
  4. Added Delta Controls and Siemens Apogee to Automated Logic as approved bidders and products providers.
  5. Removed Johnson Controls, Inc. from the approved bidders and products providers.
  6. Updated Codes and References section.
  7. Modified control power and UPS requirements.
  8. Clarified BAS Intent Meeting requirements.
  9. Updated BAS Shop Drawing requirements.
  10. Updated Global Building Controller and Application Controller requirements.
  11. Removed requirement for laptop computers.
  12. Added segmented V-ball control valves.
  13. Updated licensing requirements.
  14. Added language allowing line code programming.
  15. Clarified graphic requirements.
  16. Replaced Communication Riser Diagram with Communication Riser Spreadsheet.
  17. Added requirement for audit and alarm logs.
  18. Removed requirement for 1% factory training credits.
  19. Added/modified Figures 2 and 3 at end of specifications.