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Construction Projects


The Construction Project Map captures construction projects that could potentially impact students, staff/faculty, during the year. Please note this map may not be comprehensive of all projects and project dates are subject to change.

Interactive Construction Project map

*** Within the interactive map, click on colored buildings/areas for more project details. You can also change the base map by clicking on the (4) squares located in the upper right hand corner.

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For printable version of the Construction Project map, please click on the below map.

Construction Project Map - 12/13/16 

Construction Map - 12/13/16

Construction Impacts

Forced Main Closure Coordination South of Park Avenue

Forced Main South of Park Avenue Coordination v2


Active Major Construction Projects(New projects to be added shortly)

Click on a project below to display additional information on each project.

Archived Construction Projects


Project Date of Completion
East Campus Steam Line

South Halls Renovation and Additional Building

HUB Addition

South Frear Renovations

HHD Building

Burrowes Building Renovation

Mueller Building Renovations

Phase II IM Fitness Center Addition and Renovation


Project Date of Completion
Arboretum Children's Garden

Pell Lab

Pegula Ice Arena

Bio-behavioral Health Building

Moore/CEDAR Renovations

Shavers Creek Dam

Nittany Lion Shrine

Phase I IM Fitness Center Renovation & Addition


Project Date of Completion
Moore Building Addition
January 2012
Burrowes Road Streetscape
August 2012
McKean Road Upgrades
August 2012


Project Date of Completion
Pollock Commons Renovations
August 2011
Child Care Center at Hort Woods
August 2011
Millennium Science Complex
October 2011
Nittany Lion Softball Park
March 2011


Project Date of Completion
Golf Team Clubhouse
August 2010


Project Date of Completion
North Frear Building Renovation
August 2009
H. O. Smith Botanic Gardens - Phase I (Arboretum)
June 2009


Project Date of Completion
Lewis Katz Building
December 2008
Student Health Center
May 2008


Project Date of Completion
Curtin Road Transit Center
August 2007


Date of Completion
Food Sciences
Summer 2006
Foundry Park
Medlar Field at Lubrano Park
June 2006
School of Forest Resources
May 2006
Rec Hall Wrestling / Fitness Center Expansion
July 2006


Project Date of Completion
Pollock Road Improvements
August 2005
Outreach Innovation Building
May 2005
School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture
August 2005
Schreyer Gardens
August 2005
Smeal College of Business
July 2005
Willard Plaza
September 2005


Project Date of Completion
Innovation Boulevard Building
Blue Band Building
July 2004
East Subcampus Parking Deck and Chiller Building
August 2004
Eastview Terrace Housing
July 2004
Life Sciences
July 2004
Penn Stater Addition
August 2004
Redifer Commons Addition
August 2004
Shortlidge Mall
Fall 2004
Technology Center Expansion
February 2004


Project Date of Completion
Chemistry Building
December 2003
Information Sciences and Technology (IST)
December 2003
Pasquerilla Spiritual Center
May 2003